10 Ways to Eat Less
10 simple tips to help you eat less without cutting out your favorite foods.

Are You Sleeping Well?
Learn about the serious condition known as sleep apnea – what is it and what are the symptoms. Learn about the risk factors and how sleep apnea is diagnosed and treated.

Ask-the-Doctor Checklist
Be prepared before you go to the doctor by recording important information before hand and by asking the right questions at the office.

Coping with Hot Work Environments
Many people work under hot, humid conditions. This publication explains the risks associated with hot working conditions and strategies for overcoming them.

Do I Have the Flu? What to Do.
What is the flu – how to treat it – and how to prevent it.

Eat Smart: Fill Up, Not Out!
Don’t gain weight, eat healthy

Eating Disorders Awareness
Learn the ten things parents can do to prevent eating disorders.

Eating Out Tips for People with Diabetes
Eating out in restaurants can be enjoyable, especially if you know your diabetic meal pattern and plan ahead. Here are tips to help you.

Exercising for Your Health
A fit body requires different types of physical activities. Learn why major fitness goals need to include flexibility; strength; and, endurance.

General Guidelines for the Diabetic Meal Plan
This fact sheet gives you tips for following a diabetic meal plan and general information on the Exchange Lists.

Healthy Kids and Healthy Families
Healthy eating habits and exercise can help keep your entire family healthy! Learn how in this informative brochure.

Make Healthy Eating a Habit
Creating Healthy, Eating Habits

Personal Medication Record
This simple chart will help you keep track of all of your prescription medications: Name of Drug; What It’s For; Strength/Dose; Color/Shape; How Often You Take It and When; Doctor Who Prescribed It; Date Started; and, Special Instructions.

Reduce Your Cancer Risk
This fact sheet gives you 4 key strategies to follow in order to reduce your risk of getting cancer.

Successful Weight Loss Strategies
Successful weight loss is not a contradiction in terms. Learn tried and true keys to successful weight loss and weight maintenance.

Taking a Child’s Temperature
Learn the different ways to take a child’s temperature using digital or ear thermometers; or temperature strips.

The Power of One Dietary Change in Losing Weight
Learn 12 easy ways to eat 100 calories less per day!

Walk This Way for True Treadmill Benefits
Walking on a treadmill is an easy way to get an aerobic workout. Learn how to get the most out of your treadmill experience and how to avoid injury.

Women and Heart Disease
This publication is dedicated to helping you understand and pass along information on measures toward preventing heart disease among women

Your Family Health and Medical Records
To remember the details about your family’s health, a system of record keeping is helpful. This 18 page booklet provides a way for you to keep track of health information about your family.

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