Be an Active Father
Fathers who are actively involved in raising their children can make a positive and lasting difference in their lives. Learn 20 reasons why your child needs you to be an active father.

Brothers, Sisters and Aging Parents
Adult Children & Aging Parents Series – Assess your sibling relationship and learn how to better support your aging parents and their needs.

Building Positive Relationships
Adult Children & Aging Parents Series: This publication discusses ways adult children can improve their relationship with parents, and offers guidelines for providing the care elderly parents need.

Caregiving: Identifying Need – Part 1 (bad file)
The role of a caregiver in someone’s life may be different depending on which needs must be addressed. Learn to identify the 4 major caregiving needs – physical, emotional, social and financial.

Caregiving: Scenerios and Strategies – Part 3
In this fact sheet we look at different scenerios for caregiving and provide strategies for managing these situations.

Caregiving: Stress and Burnout – Part 4
This fact sheet provides some strategies to help identify and manage stress in an effort to prevent caregiver burnout.

Caregiving: Putting Together a Care Team – Part 2
It takes a team of individuals, both professional and non-professional, to provide the support needed to care for another person. This information will help you decide whom you need on your care team.

Children and the Internet
It is surprisingly easy for a child or teen to become involved in Internet crime – either as victim or perpetrator. Learn 12 things you can do to protect your child.

Did You Know at 12 to 18 Months I Can …
Learn the developmental tasks for a 12 to 18 month old baby and what you can do to help your baby learn and grow.

Did You Know at 3 Years Old I Can …
Learn the developmental tasks for a 3 year old toddler and what you can do to help your baby learn and grow.

Did You Know at 5 Months I Can …
Learn the developmental tasks for a five month old baby and what you can do to help your baby learn and grow.

Did You Know at 9 to 12 Months I Can …
Learn the developmental tasks for a 9 to 12 month old baby and what you can do to help your baby learn and grow.

Family Play Dates
Enjoy this list of fun things your kids will love to do with you! Spending meaningful time with your kids is a gift that has long term benefits for you and them.

Fathers Are Important People — For Real!!!
The importance of fathers in their children’s lives.

Grandparents as Parents: Communication Skills
Families of grandparents raising grandchildren are increasing in our society. Due to the wide span of ages, one of the most difficult gaps to bridge between the generations is the communication gap. Learn key steps to strengthen family relationships.

Helping Young Children to Learn and Grow
Tips for parents on how to learn and grow with your infant or toddler.

Improving Interpersonal Communication
Better communication comes from understanding one’s self, understanding other people, learning to empathize, being a good listener and practicing meaningful conversation.

Loving Your Children
Getting the Message Across — Children need to know that they are loved and parents need to show they love their children just the way they are.

Parents as Role Models for Healthy Living
Parents will learn the recommendations for improving your child’s nutritional and physical activity patterns.

Stepping Stones for Step Families
Relationships between children, parents and stepparents can be very stressful. Learn skills in building step relationships.

Talking to Your Family About End of Life Issues
Before you can talk to your family about what you want in certain situations, you need to think about it yourself. Key points are given to help you think about the care you would want to receive at the end of your life.

You and Your Baby — Months 11 & 12
An information sheet on your baby’s safety and health; developmental tasks; and, discipline.

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