Care Labels and Your Clothes
What’s on a label? This publication explains the care symbols on clothing labels and what to do if your clothes end up damaged – even if you followed the care instructions.

Cleaning and Storing Wedding Gowns
Fact Sheet on Storing and Cleaning Wedding Gowns.

Clothing Ideas for People with Special Needs
If you or someone you care for has a physical disability, you know that finding clothes that fit well and look good can be a problem. This publications offers you solutions!

Clothing Tags & Tips
Tips on Clothing.

Facts About Fabric Flammability
Learn facts about fabric flammability to avoid the costly and terrible consequences of a clothing fire.

Laundry Detergents
Laundry detergents come in many forms, each having its own benefits. Select the form that best meets your specific cleaning needs.

Laundry on Your Own
Help is here for anyone who wants to save money and take care of their clothes.

Personal Measurement Chart
This chart lists 17 measurements commonly used in altering garments.

Post Operative Clothing
Fact Sheet on selecting clothes for post operative conditions.

Principles of Pattern Alteration
This publication gives instructions on taking body measurements, measuring and altering pattern pieces, and checking the altered fit.

Quick Stain Removal Guide
Most laundry problems result from poor cleaning, fabric damage, poor stain removal and lint and scum residues. Learn how to prevent these problems!

Selecting Clothes for Older People in Your Care
Good clothing choices for older people increase independence and provide comfort, safety and convenience.

Sewing Machine Basics
Whether you’re purchasing your first sewing machine or trading up to one with more bells and whistles, it’s helpful to understand the basic features so you can make an educated choice.

Silk– Special Fabric Needs
Fact Sheet on the care of Silk Garments

Soil and Stain Removers
Consumers are challenged by tough stains, such as blood, grass, mud, etc. Read on to find out how soil and stain removers can help!

What to Look for in a Serger
Explains what is a serger, what it does and features to look for in order to meet your wants and needs.

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